PowerPoint slides for Robotic Explorations available

Hi all, I used the WayBack Machine (aka, archive.org) to find my publisher’s set of materials associated with my book. After a business transition, my publisher had pulled the site down without warning back in 2007, and there was material there—a great collection of PowerPoint slides—that I was never able to save.

I found the old “Companion Website” on the archive. It turned out the PPT resources were located on an FTP server, which the WayBack Machine did not store.

But, the FTP site was still up! (Here’s the link).

So I immediately copied off the eight PowerPoint slide shows and put them up on this site. They’re now available in the Book section.


USB Interface info posted

The Handy Board’s USB Interface/Charger  has been out for a while, but someone just asked for a schematic.  See http://handyboard.com/hb/hardware/usb-interface/ .


Hello world!

The Handy Board

The Handy Board

Hi everyone, welcome to the new handyboard.com! I’m hoping the blog will encourage me and others to contribute.

Most of the content from the old site has been moved to the WordPress-based site. If you’re looking for something that’s not here yet, check in the General FAQ’s for “where is the old site.” Also, please let me know if you’d like something copied over that’s not already here.

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