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The Handy Board Community

The Handy Board

The Handy Board community newsgroups are intended for distribution of information of any sort about obtaining, debugging, or using the Handy Board design. The Handy Board community newsgroups are the main way that Handy Board users communicate with each other.

In order to support everyone who wants to use a Handy Board, it's crucial that all users help each other in troubleshooting problems, exchanging ideas and techniques, and sharing code. Neither I nor the Handy Board vendors can do it alone.

There are two Handy Board community newsgroups:

Both sites let you browse current and past messages from the web. In order to post, you must join as a member. Instructions for doing this are located on each site.

I very much encourage any all Handy Board users to join one or both sites. It's the best way to share ideas and get support.

    —Fred Martin

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