Handy Board Expansion Board Parts Listing

Device Type

Num. Used



Price Ea.

Catalog No.


monolithic cer cap30.1 uFC1 C2 C30.1575-1C10Z5U104M100BMouser
tantalum cap14.7 uF, 16vC40.33581-4.7K16VMouser
power diode51N5401D1 D2 D3 D4 D50.31583-1N5401Mouser
signal diode41N914D6 D7 D8 D90.15610-1N914Mouser
16-pin DIP socket3DIP1 DIP2 DIP30.38575-199316Mouser
20-pin DIP socket2DIP4 DIP50.48575-199320Mouser
flex cable connector1SLP9S-2J11BurndyPolaroid
10-pin male header1J2see male header belowMouser
14-pin female header1J1see female header belowMouser
14-pin male header1J3see male header belowMouser
3-pin male header6J13 J14 J15 J16 J17 J18see male header belowMouser
4-pin male header2J4 J6see male header belowMouser
4x2 male header1J19see male header belowMouser
PCB pad4J12 J20 J21 J23
PCB pads3J7 J9 J22
triple 8-pin female header3J5 J8 J10see female header belowMouser
PNP transistor12N3906Q20.19610-2N3906Mouser
NPN transistor1PN2222AQ10.18610-PN2222AMouser
1/8W resistor110KR10.08299-10KMouser
1/8W resistor21KR2 R40.08299-1KMouser
1/2W resistor147 ohm, 1/2WR30.08293-47Mouser
resistor pack110Kx5RP20.16264-10KMouser
resistor pack11Kx4RP10.21268-1KMouser
3-to-8 decoder174HC237U50.60511-M74HC237Mouser
8-bit latch274HC374U1 U40.61570-CD74HC374EMouser
analog multiplexer274HC4051U2 U30.75570-CD74HC4051EMouser
female header strip, 36-long3Z1 Z2 Z31.11517-974-01-36Mouser
male header strip, 36-long2Z4 Z50.78517-700-01-36Mouser


  1. Parts labeled "PCB pad" are open holes on the printed circuit board. No component needs to be purchased for these items.
  2. For parts that require specific lengths of male and female header, these may be obtained by buying the 36-long headers and manually cutting them to size. A total of three female header lengths (Z1, Z2, and Z3) and two male header lengths (Z4 and Z5), as indicated, should suffice.
  3. J11, the flex cable connector, is provided with the Polariod 6500 sonar ranging system. For more information on the Polaroid 6500 system, see http://el.www.media.mit.edu/projects/handy-board/software/sonar.html.

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