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How to Get a Handy Board

The Handy Board

According to a licensing arrangement granted by MIT, the Handy Board design -- including the printed circuit board artwork, schematics, and software system -- may be licensed for any purpose at no charge to the end user. This means that you may print up your own Handy Board PC boards, use them for your own purposes (educational, research, hobby, or industrial) without having to pay royalties to MIT.

Please note that MIT retains the copyright to all Handy Board intellectual property. The Handy Board is emphatically NOT in the public domain; rather, it is owned by MIT but licensable at zero cost.

Neither I (Fred Martin) nor MIT sells the Handy Board directly. Instead, facilitated by MIT's licensing policy, third parties source the technology. This is a win-win situation because it frees up my time for other things, and gives people who are willing to invest time in running an electronics business an opportunity to make a profit.

Two vendors are presently selling assembled and tested Handy Board systems; choose Vendors from the Get One menu. Additionally, another vendor is selling bare printed circuit boards so you may assemble your own board from scratch; choose Components from the Get One menu.

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