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Handy Board Software Resources

Contributed Software and Electronic Designs

This page provides links to software and hardware designs contributed by Handy Board users. If you would like to contribute some work of your own to the Handy Board community, please contact Fred Martin. Thanks!

Easy, reliable, and complete Handy Board / 68HC11 boot loader from UMass Lowell by George Pantazopoulos and Mike Bohan. (posted Wed Mar 23 09:56:29 2005)

Phil Putman compiled the freeware IC distribution for Mac OS X. Get it as a gzipped tar file. (posted Sun Jan 27 20:19:05 2002)

George Musser contributed improvements to the Sony IR routines, including a transmit routine. Get the ZIP file. (posted Mon Oct 22 18:56:54 2001)

George Musser contributed an adaptation of Motorola's FFT (fast fourier transform) routines to Interactive C. Available are a ASM file and ICB file. (updated Mon Oct 22 18:56:44 2001)

Doug Rinckes provided a PDF manual for using the Vector 2x, an associated C file, and a program for getting long-range sonar readings. (Fri Feb 9 09:39:08 2001)

Dirk Stueker created a page with information on how to use the Sharp GP2D12 sensor with the Handy Board. (Mon May 22 06:51:36 2000, updated Tue Feb 26 21:16:57 2002, updated Mon Aug 4 10:43:06 2003)

Rich Drushel contributed code for locking and releasing Interactive C processes. (Wed Mar 22 08:43:32 2000)

Gary Livick contributed a servo driver that works on the Port A, bit 3 pin (the beeper pin). He says it works even if you leave the beeper connected (and don't mind a little clicking). See his message including source code. (Thu Nov 18 12:58:15 1999)

Curt Mills, WE7U has been working on Handy Board libraries for the gcc/hc11 compiler. Download the patches to make gcc work with the 68HC11 and also the Handy Board libraries at his FTP site. See also Curt's home page. (Tue May 11 06:55:45 1999)

Barry Brouillette developed a tutorial and software drivers for using the fantastic Sharp GP2D02 optical distance sensor with the Handy Board. The Expansion Board is required. (Wed Mar 3 12:16:50 1999; links updated Tue Nov 6 08:12:58 2001)

Kam Leang contributed a low-cost, high power motor driver design compatible with the Handy Board. See his notes and a PDF schematic. (Sun Dec 13 00:12:57 1998)

Richard Drushel's improved serial and math libraries.

16-Channel IR Proximity Sensor. Keith Soldavin contributed a schematic and a description of a 16-channel IR modulation and detecting circuit, for proximity sensing.

Versatile IR Transmit and Receive. Max Davies has developed infrared receive and transmit routines that work with many different manufacturers' IR-remote protocols. (updated Sun Jan 6 10:51:02 2002)

Vector 2X Digital Compass. Tom Brusehaver has contributed information on connecting the Vector 2X compass to the Handy Board. Download the compass.zip archive, or browse the readme file, the schematic, assembly language source, compiled ICB driver, or support C file.

Sonar Routines. Kent Farnsworth has contributed information and drivers for using the Polaroid sonar ranging module with the Handy Board. See his readme file and his hbsonar directory. Note: the official Handy Board sonar drivers are now available in the Software/Libraries section.

Multi-Driver Sonar Schematic. Contributed by Adam Cox.

Smooth PWM Routines. Julian Skidmore implemented a new algorithm for performing the pulse width modulation on the Handy Board's motors, allowing up to 100 power steps rather than just eight. Download the new pcode_hb.s19 file and new lib_hb.c file. Also available is the modified pcode_hb.asm source file, and a modified makefile. (Wed Dec 3 08:57:05 1997)

Resources for programming the Handy Board in assembly language. Charles Hacker EAS extracted the Handy Board's LCD routines into a stand-alone assembly language module. Also, he has ported Motorola's BUFFALO to the Handy Board. (Wed Jul 22 10:29:59 1998)

Run the Handy Board sans LCD screen.

The Motorola 68HC11 Freeware Archive has a lot of 68HC11 software and documentation all in one place.

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