Interactive C Source Code

The Handy Board Version 1.2

Full source code for the freeware version of Interactive C is available. This version was developed by Randy Sargent and Fred Martin, originally for the MIT LEGO Robot Design Competition course.

The freeware version may be used for any purpose---personal, educational, commercial or otherwise. The source code may be incorporated into other software to be distributed as freeware, shareware, or as a commerical product. Of course, making ports of Interactive C with new features or on new platforms widely available is considered a "Good Thing." An example of this is Kurt Konolige's IC Native, an extended version of IC that compiles into native 6811 code.

Interactive C has been further developed by The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics.

The remainder of this page contains links to the publicly available IC sources and Handy Board customizations.

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