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Additional Libraries

This page provides additional software libraries for the Handy Board that are “officially supported” as part of the standard packge of software to be used with the Handy Board.

pcode_hb.s19, the run-time mini-OS file resident on the Handy Board. Download as a text file, and place in Interactive C library folder. Get it for PC, for Mac, or for Unix.
Standard libraries for Wintel or Macintosh. Download, extract, and place resulting files in Interactive C library folder.
hbtest.c, file with test functions. Not required, but helpful for testing the Handy Board. Please note that you must manually run the functions contained in hbtest.c from the IC command line; see the Handy Board assembly instructions for info.

Shaft encoders. Routines for driving simple count/velocity shaft encoders from the seven analog ports on the main Handy Board.

Dual Servo Routines. Now your Handy Board can run two servo motors at once, no Expansion Board necessary!

Sony IR Decoding Routines for the Handy Board. Download the driver (save as "sony-ir.icb"), documentation, and the source code. There is also contributed IR transmit and receive code.

Polaroid 6500 Module Sonar Routines. Drive the Polaroid sonar module from your Handy Board with full use of existing motor circuitry.

9600 baud serial output. Use a spare 68HC11 pin to communicate at 9600 baud with other devices.

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