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This page provides utility software, such as code downloaders, to help you get your Handy Board up and running on the particular computer platform you are using.


JBug11 by John Beatty is a Windows 32-bit monitor/debugger for 68HC11 MCU's. From John's site: “Its development was inspired by the difficulty of running PCbug11 on modern fast processors; and at the same time provide some of the features expected in a modern GUI environment, and one or two additional de-bugging tools.” (Mon Mar 4 12:39:49 2002)

hbdl.exe, a Windows 6811 Downloader for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Created by Vadim Gerasimov of the MIT Media Laboratory expressly for Handy Board users!

HBDL for XP. Copied from Griffin University.

dlm.exe, Fred Martin's MS-DOS 6811 downloader that's configured for use on Handy Boards with E1 versions of the 6811. Use the “-256” command-line flag to make this program work with the A1 version of the 6811!

Motorola's AS11 assembler, a DOS-based program for assembling 68HC11 source code into .s19 records that can be downloaded into the Handy Board.

as11_ic for MS-DOS. Compile ICB (Interactive C Binary driver) files on your MS-DOS machine, using Kent Farnsworth's package of tools. The tools allow you to assemble the pcode.s19 file (which runs on the Handy Board's 6811) as well as compile ICB files. There is a readme file and a ZIP archive. Note: This software requires a DOS Protected Mode Interface (DPMI) driver. If you don't know what this is, just run the software from within a DOS shell running under Windows, and you'll be fine. (Wed Aug 20 22:18:30 1997)


Macintosh 6811 Downloader, MCL version, Fred Martin's 6811 downloader application that works with both 'A1 and 'E1 6811's. Version 1.1 (January 28, 1999) added handshaking of bootstrap on main download, and Set Config option. Version 1.2 (November 13, 1999), PPC only, adds compatibility with Mac OS 9. The recommended downloader for PowerMac computers. Version 1.1 for 68K Macs is still available. (Sat Nov 13 08:41:31 1999)

Macintosh 6811 Downloader, Fred Martin's 6811 downloader application that works with both 'A1 and 'E1 6811's. Now updated for System 8. (Sat Dec 6 12:15:13 1997)

as11_ic for the Macintosh, ported by Dave Negro. Compile ICB assembly language drivers for Interactive C on the Macintosh platform. Does not support the #include directive, but otherwise is fully capable.

sim6811 for the Macintosh version 1.4, by Tomaso Paoletti. A powerful 6811 simulator application, including partial interrupt and serial port simulation. View the readme file, or download application with sources. (link updated Wed Aug 1 06:57:20 2001)

xasmhc11, a freely-distributable Mac version of Motorola's 68HC11 cross-assembler. Written waaaay back in 1990, but it still works great—even on Mac OS 8.5.


config0c.s19, a tiny .s19 file for reprogramming the 6811's CONFIG register to the value 0x0c, which is the proper value for use with the Handy Board. Factory-fresh 6811s have their CONFIG registers set incorrectly, and after a bad hardware crash sometimes the register will reset to an improper value.

Download this file using any downloader, making sure to put the downloader in the mode for programming EEPROM, not RAM. The first time you download this file, you will get a memory error, indicating the CONFIG register was incorrect. Download the file again, and the error message should not recur, indicating the CONFIG register has been correctly programmed.

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