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Handy Board Documentation

The Handy Board

This page provides a master index to all hard copy documentation relevant to the Handy Board system.

Please note: Many of these documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader program for on-screen viewing and printing. This program is available for free from Adobe on all major computer platforms. Click on the button to the left to download Acrobat Reader.

Handy Board-Specific Information

The Handy Board Technical Reference. The unified hard-copy Handy Board technical document. Includes: explanation of Handy Board ports and connectors, quick start instructions, 6811 downloader explanation, freeware Interactive C manual, motor and sensor wiring diagrams, full schematics, printed circuit board artwork (1.5x scale), vendor and licensing information. Available as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Last updated October 6, 2007.

Assembling the Handy Board. Extensive step-by-step guide for building the Handy Board from blank PCBs and components. Loaded with pictures, and includes testing instructions so you don't get lost. Based on the web pages on building the board, but better. Available as a Level 2 PostScript file or a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Last updated January 2, 1997.

Interactive C for the Handy Board Manual. Guide to using Interactive C with the Handy Board. Now included as part of the Handy Board Technical Reference, this older version is available separately. Please get the HB Tech Ref instead of this document, since this separate document won't be kept up to date. Available as a PostScript file or a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. There is also a on-line HTML version, and horribly-formatted ASCII version that should only be used as a last resort. Remember, this document is now incorporated into the hard-copy Handy Board Technical Reference manual, and these separate versions will not be maintained. Last updated March 29, 1996.

Handy Board Schematics. Full set of schematics for the Handy Board and the Serial Interface/Charger Board. These are included in the HB Tech Ref but also available separately as a PostScript file or a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Last updated March 29, 1996.

68HC11 Documentation

Motorola 68HC11 information can be obtained by going to http://e-www.motorola.com/webapp/sps/library/prod_lib.jsp and then choosing Microcontrollers, 8–bit, and M68HC11 from the pop-up menus. (Last updated: Mon Oct 22 18:06:33 2001 )

The M68HC11 Reference Manual. This well-written, comprehensive, and free data book is a must-have for anyone interested in the 68hc11 hardware or considering programming the 'hc11 in assembly language. The M68HC11 Reference Manual may be downloaded as a PDF file: from Motorola   a local copy. (This document is aka the "pink book"!)

MC68HC11A8 Programming Reference Guide, a pocket-sized reference to the 'HC11 instruction set, addressing modes, and register bank. Great handy reference when doing assembly language programming. Available as a scanned PDF version.

The 6.270 Robot Builder's Guide, Appendix B, ``6.270 Hardware,'' (1992 version). This excerpt from the course notes to the MIT LEGO Robot Design Competition explains the operation of the 6.270 Board, which is very similar to the Handy Board. Nearly all of the technical discussion translates directly into an explanation of how the Handy Board works. Available as a Unix-compressed PostScript file or a PDF file.

An Introduction to the 6811 by Fred Martin. Introductory document to programming the 6811 in assembly language. Available as a PostScript file or a PDF file.


The Art of LEGO Design. An article originally published in The Robotics Practitioner that presents a variety of tips, tricks, and ``design clichés'' for building with the LEGO Technic system. Available as a Unix-compressed Level 2 PostScript file (1.8 MB) or a Adobe Acrobat PDF file (974 KB).

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